Traditional methods of classifying documents and information use fingerprinting, keywords or templates-based techniques. Unfortunately, all of these techniques have major drawbacks.

  • Fingerprinting is effective as long as the information remains unchanged. The slightest of any change effects the detection.
  • Keyword-based mechanism is the best option where the user who understands the information can define the unique elements of the information. Unfortunately, it takes too much of the information owner’s time for whom security is a secondary option.
  • Templates are only effective for more generic documents such as payroll documents but fail when used to categorise real sensitive information such as documents for acquisitions, mergers, etc.

e-Safe Compliance solves this problem by using an AI engine which, when given a set documents, automatically identifies what words uniquely define that document. These keywords are automatically fed into the monitoring rules. Furthermore, information owners using the information tagging utility can adjust the keywords. In this way, new information being created is protected as it is being created and is monitored even if it is pasted into chat applications, email, etc. in text form.



It is easy and fast to test e-Safe Compliance in your organisation. It only takes a few hours to install and you will immediately get endpoint visibility without any noticeable impact. Furthermore we recommend going for a full free audit done remotely by our experts.

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