e-Safe Compliance offers a web-based central management console. The following are the main features of the console:

  1. Different profiles can be set for different users or groups of users. The system allows for different productivity and security-monitoring settings/profiles to be set by user, by user group, by department or for the whole organisation. For example, the settings for the accounts department will be different from those of the administration department. The settings should be associated with the users’ Windows login account.
  2. The system allows for different settings/profiles to be applied based on schedules. For example, the monitoring settings applied during working hours will be different from those for after working hours.
  3. For public machines, which are used by multiple users, the system provides the ability to override individual user profiles with PC-based profiles, which will then apply to all users accessing those machines.
  4. The system is able to connect to Active Directory to extract the relevant information regarding PCs and users.
  5. Management of installed agents: update, delete, etc.
  6. The system provides an option to define and display the company’s IT policy on-screen when a user logs on to a machine. The users are required to accept the policy in order to enter the system.
  7. The console provides the ability to customise the wording of all alert messages shown to the user.
  8. Generation of reports: the system provides a central reporting feature, which allows for reports to be exported to EXCEL and PDF.
  9. Monitoring system tampering: the system reports on possible tampering to the server.


It is easy and fast to test e-Safe Compliance in your organisation. It only takes a few hours to install and you will immediately get endpoint visibility without any noticeable impact. Furthermore we recommend going for a full free audit done remotely by our experts.

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