e-Safe Compliance offers administrators a facility to define central rules, which can be then be applied to various user groups. These central rules include the following:

  1. Monitoring sensitive information using words
  2. Monitoring sensitive information using file names
  3. Monitoring sensitive information using fingerprinting
  4. Monitoring regular expressions
  5. Monitoring source code
  •  In defining the rules, the admin need to define what a rule will apply to, such as emails and chat applications, what action to take and which user group does the rule apply to.
  • The above rules can be used in combinations, for example, “detect document containing the words ‘payroll’ and regular expression for ‘IC Number’.”
  • Furthermore, the above rules are fed with information from the decentralised information tagging utility.

Once the rules have been defined, they can then be used to encrypt and classify information. The following options are available for the admin:

  1. Auto-encrypt all documents classified byn PC or department.
  2. Encrypt documents based on rules
  3. Apply document sensitivity levels based on rules
  4. Apply document restrictions based on rules




It is easy and fast to test e-Safe Compliance in your organisation. It only takes a few hours to install and you will immediately get endpoint visibility without any noticeable impact. Furthermore we recommend going for a full free audit done remotely by our experts.

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