The monitoring rules can be applied to various sources to monitor the flow of information. Although movement of files is also monitored, the main target of this monitoring is to detect non-file-based information movement. Furthermore, it also provides a second layer of defence when monitoring proprietary-format files such as database files and AutoCAD drawings. The transfer of information can be scanned in all languages and scripts (Chinese, Tamil, Malay, etc). The system is able to monitor the following:

  1. Emails (body and attachments): Outlook/Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, etc.
    Watch in Action – [Text/Body] GmailYahoo  [Attachment] GmailYahoo
  2. Online chat (conversation and sent files): Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, IM, etc.
    Watch in Action – [Conversation] Skype – Google Hangouts – Facebook IM  [File] Skype
  3. Cloud storage (Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive) -> Both desktop and online components are monitored. Watch in Action
    [Desktop]Dropbox – One Drive – Google Drive [Web] Dropbox – One Drive – Google Drive
  4. Web (text and file up/downloads): Social media sites such as Facebook, forums, etc
    Watch in Action – [Text]  Blogs – Twitter – Facebook  [File Upload] – Facebook
  5. Transfer information to thumb drives, external hard disks, handphones, etc
    Watch in Action –  USB File Transfer


It is easy and fast to test e-Safe Compliance in your organisation. It only takes a few hours to install and you will immediately get endpoint visibility without any noticeable impact. Furthermore we recommend going for a full free audit done remotely by our experts.

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