Compliance to Regulation

Comply with Regulations

Australia and Europe in particular now have strict privacy regulations in place to reduce the damage done by breaches of sensitive data, and the penalties for non-compliance can be devastating to your company’s reputation, financials, and ultimately, survival.

e-Safe Compliance is a purpose-built compliance solution that covers all the criteria of major regulations to make sure that your company is completely safe.

Detect and Eliminate Insider Threat

Detect and Eliminate Insider Threats

Traditional DLP relies rigid blocking schemes, which hinder productivity. e-Safe’s People-Centric DLP implements a protection regime based on education, trust, and verification, while ensuring key information remains secure using multi-level encryption.

Malicious user actions are detected using machine learning user behaviour analytics, and detection time is greatly reduced by empowering the information owners themselves to be part of the monitoring process.

Prevent Breaches from Human Error

Prevent Breaches from Human Error

It has been shown time and time again that the biggest threat to the security of sensitive data is human error. It could be something as common as sending out an email to the wrong recipient, or misplacing a USB drive. Despite this, most organisations focus far more investment into preventing external attacks.

e-Safe ensures that breaches caused by insider activity and human error are immediately detected so that they can be investigated and reported, thereby mitigating the damage done.

Security Gaps covered by Shadow IT

Cover Security Gaps and Conquer Shadow IT

Many organisations neglect to consider how commonplace scenarios can affect data security, but even something as simple as syncing information to a personal cloud drive or mobile phone so they can work remotely can lead to serious consequences. These channels (Shadow IT) are usually not covered by traditional security software, like SIEM, perimeter security, and IAM systems.

e-Safe covers all the gaps that you might not have considered, so that you’re safe from data breaches in day-to-day situations.

Over a Million Devices Protected

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Our Approach to Data Security

Discover & Classify

e-Safe enables you to easily discover and classify what your sensitive information looks like, even from sources like databases, ERP and CRM systems, or network drives.

Monitor & Alert

e-Safe uses machine learning to continually monitor both user behaviour and data movement to check for data breaches or sources of increased risk, enabling you to prevent breaches altogether.

Protect & Prevent

e-Safe implements multi-level encryption to protect sensitive data from access by unauthorised users, both internal and external, while still allowing staff to work and collaborate productively.

We usually find at least 1 confirmed data leak per 100 users.

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Data security and compliance for remote users

Allow employees to work from home without compromising sensitive data