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The e-Safe Systems journey began in the year 2000 in the UK with a simple, but incredibly powerful, philosophy – treat people as adults; do not devote your whole energy toward trying to prevent them doing bad things, you will only frustrate the 95% of people who only want to stick to the rules anyway! However, ensure that the system will provide a clear report to a responsible member of the organisation where a user has transgressed the rules. Make the whole thing very explicit, very clear to everybody, and they will “self-police”.
The first market to try this was education, dealing with the issue of offensive pictures (using our multi award winning image analysis module). Trying to block a myriad, burgeoning number of online and offline methods of storage and distribution was proving fruitless; deal with the issue at the point of use and you can fine tune it to the user, location and even the time of day. By extending the system, based on this same principle, to many other aspects of behaviour it was possible for a UK based partner to set up a forensic monitoring service to schools to include early identification of child welfare issues, ensuring targeted, timely and effective intervention and counselling.
In 2010 we decided this people centric philosophy was more appropriate to 21st Century management than a 19th Century restrictive approach and extended our marketing to the Corporate and Government sectors; again based on the principles of Educate, Trust and Verify. Treat staff as adults, make the rules clear and engage everyone in the security of the organisation’s data, not just a centralised departmental responsibility.
With offices now in the UK, Malaysia and Australia, and a growing number of partners, our systems help to protect over a million users in areas as diverse as security services, finance, manufacturing, distribution, legal services and education.

New partners in this journey always welcome!


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