Hardware Audit

Often organisation tend to have problems identifying the devices that are running on low resources and what type of hardware is installed on each of the devices. e-Safe Compliance allows IT administrators to schedule hardware audits and report on the hardware configuration of the machines. It also highlights if there are hardware running on critical resources. Further the system reports on any hardware changes from the last hardware audit conducted


Green Computing

One of the most common form of wastage in electricity is, staff does not turn off the computer when they leave the office. This results in consuming a lot of electricity. e-Safe Compliance helps organisation to reduce the cost of ELECTRICITY by monitoring the amount of time computers are left IDLE and CALCULATES the loss of electricity. It allows administrators to know which computers are actively used and the computers that are idle for a long period of time (either during office hour or non-office hour) and allows them to automatically hibernate or shut-down the computers when not in use.


Non-corporate connections

Mobile data is becoming commonplace with almost everyone having access to smart phones with 3G or 4G connection available anytime, anywhere and use of free Wi-Fi at public places. Most traditional filtering systems work as long as users are connected to their corporate network and information is passed through that network. However, with the advancement in technology, users can easily bypass corporate network security using either tethering, personal hotspot or with free Wi-Fi.

e-Safe Compliance helps organisation to report on the users that use non-corporate connections. Further, IT administrators can:

  1. Restrict users/PC to use company defined network connection. This solves the problem of users trying to bypass the network using any network
  2. The system can allow exceptions to users who are mobile to use external connections


Print Utilisation

Printing without the need to print the unnecessary information also considered as one of the form of wastage. e-Safe Compliance helps organisation to monitor the usage of various printers. The module provides the following information:

  1. Number documents printed by a particular user
  2. User print history
  3. Print statistic


Drive Audit

e-Safe Compliance helps organisation detect if any users are storing large amount of video, audio, images or any types of files that can be of no use to the organisation. IT administrator can also automate the audit by scheduling the drive audit to scan on all computers to report on the total file type and amount of space used by each file type.


Software Audit & Utilisation

e-Safe Compliance offers organisation the ability to schedule Software Audits and report on which software is installed and on which machine with full detail about the software. Additional features include

  1. The system also offers license management facilities.
  2. Reports on any software changes from the last software audit conducted.
  3. Right Sizing of licenses in case there is a lack of usage of certain licences by some users
  4. Software utilization planning
  5. Blocking of unwanted/unlicensed software


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