Data security and compliance for remote users

With the majority of the workforce working from home, organisations without pre-existing technology infrastructure and a ‘work from home’ culture face many new security and compliance challenges.

Majority of companies rely on parimeter defences as their main mechanism for protection and control. With employees expected to work from home, unless these defence mechanisms are cloud based, they fail to cover remote users, leaving them exposed to hacks and not compliant with standards like PCI DSS.

Another major challenge for companies is the increased dependency on TRUST, which must be placed on remote workforce in the absence of physical and digital monitoring. Employees are expected to perform within the guidelines of company policy. While this will be considered a welcome change for most employees, this reduced ability to track and control usage of sensitive private user data increases the risk for companies being held liable in the event of a breach.

For time sensitive organisations, the reduced tracking and control ability also increases opportunity for employees to conduct unproductive activities on company time, such as surfing websites and watching movies.

Lastly there is an increased likelihood of data loss due to human errors and malicious insiders. This can result from various scenarios like loss of USB or device in transit, loss of paper-based information printed at home and use of insecure transfer mechanism like personal cloud drives.

e-Safe Compliance is designed to tackle this precise problem

e-Safe Compliance provides an easy and cost effective solution to these challenges. It is a cloud enabled, end-point data security solution which provides the following capabilities:

  • e-Safe Compliance’s DLP functionality monitors data transfers for confidential information while employees are working from home. Monitoring coverage includes:
    • Web uploads using HTTPS and HTTP.
    • Transfers to external devices, such USB drives / SD Cards, printers and mobile phones.
    • Outlook and web-based email including Google mail, Yahoo mail, Live mail.
    • Cloud storage such as Dropbox, OneDrive and GDrive - both application and browser.
    • Internet uploads to social media sites and forums.
    • Printing sensitive information from home/personal printer

  • e-Safe Compliance’s file-based encryption protects confidential information within files from accidental loss or theft. Further it is transparent so there no training or passwords are required. This ensures data remains:
    • Protected from unauthorised disclosure.
    • Protected in the event of a loss.
    • Secured from unauthorised access by both internal and external users.
    • Protected when shared with authorised 3rd parties
  • e-Safe Compliance's User Behaviour Analytics automatically identifies risky and malicious behaviours to produce actionable reports for management review.
  • e-Safe Compliance’s Productivity functionality allows heads of department to see whether employees are productive or wasting company time while working from home.

Data security and compliance for remote users

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