Leading Physical Security Company

Business Challenge

  • Securing sensitive corporate information
  • Ensure productive use of Internet and computer facilities
  • Monitoring mobile users with laptops

As a leading physical security provider, dealing in the movement of high-value items for various corporations, including banks, ensuring that client and payload data is secure is extremely important to the company. In order to secure their data, they implemented Bluecoat, to block the majority of the Internet websites, and Kaspersky antivirus. However, they faced constant threats of employees finding ways to bypass the controls and information leaking via online media or via thumb drives, which their tests showed Bluecoat and Kaspersky had no way of detecting and preventing.

In order to counter this, they implemented a strict routine of PC audits and spot checks but unfortunately, this proved ineffective as it did not provide the ability for managers to check which of the staff had revealed sensitive information or which of the files had been copied to online media and on to thumb drives.


The Solution: e-Safe Compliance

The company evaluated e-Safe Compliance and found it to be the best fit for their varying range of requirements, as it solved their issues in the following ways:
  1. With e-Safe Compliance installed, the company was able to monitor communications and documents not only on desktop machines but also on laptops, even if the laptops were no longer within the office premises, and report on any infringements.

  2. e-Safe Compliance provides a complete audit trail in the event of information being discussed online in email, chat applications, social media, etc or copied to thumb drives, in an unauthorised manner.

  3. With e-Safe Compliance, now the management has an automated mechanism to perform a continuous audit and to report on possible violations. The managers only need to verify the violation using the reports, which has eliminated the need for spot checks and routine PC audits.

  4. After viewing an application usage report by e-Safe Compliance, the IT personnel were able to detect that a small proxy client was being widely used by people to bypass Bluecoat’s blocking. This application was blocked using e-Safe, and as employees now realize e-Safe is able to detect proxy sites or clients, it has served as the perfect deterrent.

  5. IT staff are able to detect which of the machines have unauthorised applications installed by using e-Safe Compliance Software Audit and can now block them from running using e-Safe’s application-blocking features.

  6. e-Safe Compliance’s advance porn detection technology has identified those staff responsible for storing and accessing pornographic material, whether on their machines or on the server shared drives.

  7. Using e-Safe Compliance’s Drive Audit features, now the company is also able to control the amount of personal videos, images and audio files being stored by people on servers and on their company PCs.

  8. With e-Safe Compliance, the company no longer needs to worry about whether people connect to the corporate network or to non-corporate network sources such as 3G modems or external Wi-Fi networks, as they are constantly being monitored at the device level.

  9. e-Safe Compliance has provided the company with an alternative approach to excessive blocking. It has helped the company to analyse and understand their Internet utilisation, revealing that the greater part of their Internet use was unproductive. Using Bluecoat, they could only know the number of hits on a URL but had no idea about the amount of time individuals were spending on the associated websites. Previously, the company had employed a strategy of blocking most of the unproductive sites using the Internet cache; however, this policy was not popular among their staff who needed more freedom to perform their work. With e-Safe Compliance, now the company has the ability to let the users decide the appropriate sites to use, secure in the knowledge that any inappropriate and unproductive activity will be detected.
Data security and compliance for remote users

Allow employees to work from home without compromising sensitive data