e-Safe Compliance offers a one-stop solution for the issues of information leakage, information data classification and security, productive use of IT resources, and compliance. We achieve this through a unique philosophy of modifying human behaviour by monitoring and protecting information at its source.

  • Automating Compliance by Automating User Training

    Lack of ongoing user training and interaction results in security vulnerabilities and non-compliance with security standards CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Real Leaks Involve Privileged Staff

    Most fraud cases involve senior management. How to prevent them from misusing their power and ensure corporate integrity? CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • DLP = Disastrously Long Project

    DLPs are mostly failures as they can never achieve their objectives and desired security levels. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • No Information Classification = No Security

    Management has no time for data classification and security. Find out how you can engage them and automate data classification. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • How to Calculate Usage-Based IT Cost

    Facilitates usage-based IT cost savings by efficient use of IT resources. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Know Who Is Working and Who Is Not

    Increase productivity by increasing operational efficiency. Implement usage-based IT cost savings. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Mobile Users Are Hard to Monitor

    Implementing monitoring policies for mobile users is a challenge specially when they are not within the network CLICK HERE FOR MORE

  • Storage Of Offline Pornographic Material

    Do you have a problem with staff storing offline pornographic material within your network? CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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It is easy and fast to test e-Safe Compliance in your organisation. It only takes a few hours to install and you will immediately get endpoint visibility without any noticeable impact. Furthermore, we recommend going for a full free audit done by remotely by our experts

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