Tracking time and attendance for remote users


A major challenge for organizations going forward will be the increased numbers of employees working from home or remotely.

This change in work practices necessitated by employees relocating, creates the need for new solutions providing monitoring to ensure employees are operating within organizational guidelines and are maintaining productivity.

e-Safe Compliance monitors user's activity at the source

e-Safe Compliance is a cost effective and easily deployable solution. It is cloud enabled and monitors all activities at the end-point.

e-Safe provides the following capabilities:

  1. Tracks when the users start and stop work during the day
  2. Calculates when the user are most active and when they may be idle or offline
  3. Tracks the time spent on productive and unproductive applications or websites.
  4. Provides an accurate picture of time spent by measuring the precise time a user spends on a specific application or webpage. This is done by monitoring clicks and mouse movement and stops recording in case of inactivity.

Oversight Reporting keeps records of time and attendance

The system can give an aggregate picture of what is happening throughout the organization. Department heads can drill down from the top-level view to see exactly how individuals within their teams are handling the challenge of working from home.

Data security and compliance for remote users

Allow employees to work from home without compromising sensitive data