Know The Unknown - Total data visibility via User Behavior Analytics

  1. Detects the precise corporate file and information being transmitted via encrypted or non-encrypted /online or offline means. This includes free cloud services (dropbox, Gdrive etc), any websites (facebook etc), free emails (gmail, yahoo etc), USBs, phone sync, SD cards etc

  2. Detects and Prevents usage of any Shadow IT application whether online or offline

  3. Advanced risk based behaviour analytics allows for fast identification using risk scores - reduces detection time

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People Centric Security - Enables security to be Everyone’s Responsibility

  1. Information owners are provided with the ability to protect and monitor their own information hence the most important information gets monitored.

  2. Users enjoy higher freedom to decide on the appropriate usage of the information through trust and self-governance.

  3. A policy of TRUST BUT VERIFY ensures that each user is fully aware of what is being captured thus providing a balance between security and privacy and prompting self-education

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World’s first easy to implement and use Document Encryption and Rights Management

  1. Built from scratch for the most technologically challenged end-users without requiring any IT help

  2. Secures documents at the source irrespective of the media/device (including USBs, phone sync, cloud, document management systems), by mode of access (e.g. office PC, tablets, personal mobile phones, 3rd party vendors, home PCs etc) , by location (e.g. finance data store) and by time (e.g. lock all files by time)

  3. Access control of information stored anywhere - cloud, Home PCs, Vendor PCs, lost device (USB, phone and laptop)

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Ensure Compliance

Ensure Compliance via Data Centric Security and Protection

  1. Discovery and classification of different types of sensitive information datasets e.g. PII (personally identifiable information), IP information, PCI datasets, Confidential docs etc in different data-stores including databases, filestores, document management systems, PCs and mobile devices

  2. Ability to define data access and governance controls using encryption and rights management by type of dataset based on user group, device and location of the data.

  3. Ability to apply data governance and access controls on data sets in the possession of external 3rd parties and on BYOD devices.

  4. Real-time monitoring of where the data is and what is being done with it, with the option to view full data forensic history

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Modules covering additional Use Cases

Responsible use of IT

  1. Calculates active time spent by users on company and non-company applications and websites
  2. Ability to classify productive websites and applications by user and user groups
  3. Sentiment analysis on communication to detect corporate bullying
  4. Detects storage of, and access to, pornographic videos and images


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Asset Management and Auditing

  1. Know the current active devices in the network, and who is currently using them
  2. Print utilization by user
  3. Software auditing helps to know the current installed software and their utilization
  4. Helps to plan software licenses by knowing the utilization of a specific software
  5. Hardware configuration audits
  6. Know which devices are running low on resources


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Key challenges in preventing risks from human behaviour

DLP = Disastrously long project?

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) projects are mostly failures as they can never achieve their objectives and desired security levels within an organisation.


Learn how to implement a successful DLP
Everyone claims to have a solution – Review of Technologies to tackle Insider Threats

Insider incidents have become a BUZZ word. Selecting the appropriate technology to deal with the various uses cases associated with insider threats has become a complicated issue.  The paper lists down the PROs and CONs of each type of technology, considering the most difficult and important use cases associated with insider threats.                             

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We have SIEM, Next Gen Firewalls and Filtering, CASB etc – Why do we need e-Safe?

The paper discusses the security gaps covered by e-Safe Compliance compared to traditional security solutions.


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Learn how to implement an Insider Threat Prevention Programme?

The insider threat is a complicated issue which cannot be dealt with by just having a single strategy; it requires a drastic rethink of the company’s procedures and policy.  The paper introduces Insider Threat Maturity Framework; a holistic approach to tackle the insider threat.

What is Insider Threat Maturity Framework?

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