Telecommunications Company

Business Challenge

  • Securing sensitive corporate information with minimal end-user involvement
  • Ensuring the productive use of internet and computer facilities
  • Simple to deploy

A new telecommunications company that had quickly grown to over 1,000 employees in the space of three years faced various challenges in monitoring and securing their desktop and network environment, ranging from productive use of facilities to securing corporate information. Being a new company, it did not have any systems in place for data leakage prevention or for managing employee usage of IT resources, and was searching for an easy-to-deploy system that covered DLP, productivity and infrastructure auditing. e-Safe Compliance was installed for a two-week trial basis on 200 PCs within the company.

The Solution: e-Safe Compliance

The trial highlighted a large number of issues within the company:
  1. Potential data leakages.The trial showed that large numbers of documents containing sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and product serial codes, were being transferred on to thumb-drives without protection. Additionally, sensitive data was being transferred through email, chat applications and cloud services.

  2. Inappropriate use of IT resources. Over 10% of the employees were found to be viewing pornographic images and videos during working hours. This included employees working in the company’s data centre and viewing images hosted on remote PCs.

  3. Unproductive use of IT resources. Over 30% of the Internet surfing time concerned unproductive websites. Over 20% of the users were playing games or watching movies for over four hours a week. Furthermore, a large number of PCs were left on for long periods of time without being attended to leading to power wastage.

e-Safe Compliance was selected over other competing products for full deployment within the company due its superior performance in identifying issues, the DLP features offered and its ease of deployment (the installation, configuration and deployment of the system for the trial took less than two working days).

The company did not want to tightly control the flow of its sensitive data but instead wanted to secure it with minimum user interaction and with an audit trail  of its movement. This was achieved using e-Safe Compliance’s Universal Encryption ‘encrypt all documents’ option, which allows for a monitored transfer of transparently-encrypted documents by any means (Skype, Dropbox, Email, etc) whilst ensuring that third parties are unable to access those documents.

Data security and compliance for remote users

Allow employees to work from home without compromising sensitive data