Do You Have a Problem with Staff Storing Offline Pornography Within Your Network?

Stored pornographic content, which would have been brought in using thumb drives or downloaded, is a big cause of concern for organisations as it tends to spoil the culture of the organisation and could also result in legal action, sexual harassment cases or employment tribunals.

Based on HRM employee Internet management: Now on HR issue – 70% of all web traffic (40 million viewers) to the world’s most trafficked free porn sites occurs between 9AM and 5PM.

The above statistics were reached despite the fact that filtering systems are in place in organisations. Access of pornographic websites not only slows down a network but is also a major source of malware and spyware.

The Solution : Detecting Content at the Source Using Image Processing

e-Safe Compliance solves this problem using its image processing technology which can detect stored, offline pornographic videos and images and alert the user. As the user knows this information can be monitored, he will not bring such material into the corporate network.
In addition to that, e-Safe Compliance is able to monitor and block all forms of online pornographic material from websites, streaming websites and image-based searches. The URLs of detected websites are captured together with complete user access information. As the user knows his complete details can be captured at the point of use, he refrains from accessing such material and from attempting to defeat the network defences by using proxy sites, 3G modems or hotspots.

We usually find at least 1 confirmed data leak per 100 users.

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