Do You Have Trouble Implementing Monitoring Policies for Mobile Users?

Most traditional filtering systems work as long as users are connected to their corporate network and information is passed through that network. However, in the case of mobile users, they do not always connect to the corporate network and as such, the organization has difficulty with enforcing policies on these devices.

The Solution : e-Safe Compliance

e-Safe Compliance solves this problem by doing all filtering at the device level and helps the organisation to apply policies to, and to police, devices even when they are offline or are connected to a third-party network.

Ensure new forms of access such as 3G/4G modems or tethering are used for productive purposes and not in order to bypass the central filtering system

As new forms of connectivity take hold, corporations will need to ensure they are for productive activity and not for bypassing central firewalls to access unproductive material.
e-Safe Compliance does all its monitoring at the device level; hence it is not affected by how people connect to the Internet. Using e-Safe, organisations can be assured that their policies will always be implemented on all devices regardless of whether they are off-line, connected to a third-party network or connected to the corporate network.

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