Facilitates Usage-Based IT Cost Savings by Efficient Use of IT Resources

Typical IT asset management tools fail to provide visibility into usage data. To dramatically lower costs on enterprise software, organisations need visibility into user activity. e-Safe Compliance assists organisations by providing this information using various methods which are as follows:

The Solution : e-Safe Compliance

1. Usage of Hardware And Software

e-Safe Compliance provides usage-based data analysis capabilities that let CIOs and CTOs make decisions based on data instead of pure guesswork:

Concurrent License Utilisation

Right-size your use of expensive software based on concurrent usage data, not just install base. Find opportunities to uninstall or balance utilisation to save costs.

Free Reader vs Paid Editor

Reduce your reliance on expensive licenses for Visio, Project, and Acrobat by learning which users need a free viewer/reader.

Usage vs Installation

At a glance, see which installed applications are or are not being used across your enterprise.

Virtualised Environment Planning

When planning to virtualise physical systems, IT teams are often missing accurate usage data about applications, users, and locations. e-Safe provides the visibility to determine who is using an application, when they are using it, and from where.

Cloud Planning & Utilisation

Baseline current employee use of cloud services, and get accurate metrics for usage of on-site systems that you are considering moving to a cloud-based environment.

Detection of Unused Hardware

Detect unused hardware by comparing purchase records and directory information with usage data from e-Safe Compliance. Save money by reducing the cost of leases and support contracts.

2. Automates Asset Management Through Audits

e-Safe Compliance assists IT management in gathering complete details of their available IT assets via automated hardware and software audits. Drive and Hardware Audits provide the complete configuration of each PC, i.e. the available disk space, the amount of memory, etc and will alert IT admin in case a PC is running low on memory. Software Audits allow IT admin to know the location of the installed software and validate it with their available licences. Software Audit also helps to identify any illegal software installed in the network.

3. Ensure Green Computing by Reducing Electricity Wastage and Carbon Footprint

e-Safe Compliance allows organisations to calculate the cost of running their IT equipment and provides a means of managing it by shutting down or hibernating non-utilised equipment.

4. Eliminate Network Issues Caused by Malware, Spyware etc. by Blocking Dangerous Applications and Websites such as Proxy Avoidance, Torrents etc.

Use of proxy avoidance software, downloaders, torrents, etc may result in the introduction of spyware and malware into the company’s network. Furthermore, they tend to slow down the network and are usually used to download pirated software and files.
e-Safe Compliance is able to detect and block the running of these potentially dangerous applications. Furthermore, the complete user details are reported and management can use this information to educate the users involved on the issues associated with using such applications.

5. Eliminates all Forms of Pornography from the Network (Offline and Online) using Image Processing

Access of pornographic websites not only slows down the network but is also a major source of malware and spyware. Furthermore, it could result in legal liabilities for the company.
e-Safe Compliance eliminates all forms of pornography from the network using its image processing technology which can detect stored, offline pornographic videos and images and alert the user. As the user knows this material can be monitored, he will not bring such material into the corporate network.
Furthermore, e-Safe Compliance is able to monitor and block all forms of online pornographic material from websites, streaming websites and image-based searches. The URLs of detected websites are captured together with complete user access information. As the user knows his complete details can be captured, he refrains from accessing such material.

We usually find at least 1 confirmed data leak per 100 users.

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